Citrix XenDesktop 7.1 on HP Moonshot – Unigine Tropics UNSUPPORTED HDX 3D Pro VDA DirectX 11

Disclaimer: My testing of the HP Moonshot CS100 using the HDX 3D Pro agent was performed independent of Citrix and HP. At this time the XenDesktop 7.1 Standard VDA is the only agent supported. The configuration I’ll show below using Windows 7 and the HDX 3D Pro VDA is unsupported at this time.

The following is a demonstration of the HP Moonshot m700 Cartridge, XenDesktop 7.1 HDX 3D Pro VDA running Unigine’s Tropics 3D Demo over NetScaler with 30+ ms of latency. For this demo, I was using DirectX 11 with Shaders set to High. For more details, go to

Processing: Quadcore CPU (4) x86 cores @ 1.5 GHz – AMD Opteron X2150 Accelerated Processing Unit (APU)
Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 8400 Graphics adapter w/512MB memory (Read more here: Radeon HD 8400 Detailed Features Listing)
Memory: 8GB memory per node – DDR3 PC3-12800 SDRAM (1600 Mhz)
Network: Dual (2) Gigabit NICs with connectivity to (2) 180G internal switch and (2) 4 port 40GbE QSFP+ uplinks (320 Gbs of uplink bandwidth per chassis)
Disk: 32GB SanDisk Internal SSD offering 1,000+ Peak IOPS based on 4KB workload (80% write/20% read, 100% random)

For my setup, I have two pools of desktops, both provided using Citrix Provisioning Services. One pool has the XenDesktop 7.1 Standard VDA and Hotfix XD710ICAWSWX64002 installed. The second pool has the XenDesktop 7.1 HDX 3D Pro VDA installed.

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