Getting Physical with Moonshot Hosted Desktop Infrastructure (HDI) at HP Discover

HP Discover panel discussion with Doug Brown (, Dane Young (, Jaymes Davis (, and Thad Morrow about Citrix XenDesktop on HP Moonshot, also known as the ConvergedSystem 100. In this interview, Doug, Dane, Jaymes and Thad discuss some of the key differentiators of HP Moonshot’s platform recorded live from the HP Discover expo floor.

AMD: Enabling today. Inspiring tomorrow. HP Discovery 2014 Video Podcast series presented by,,,, and

VDI has long help promise for enterprise IT. Data security. Manageability. TCO. Extended life cycle. Rapid deployment models. User productivity. But that promise has often been countered with the realities of deploying in the enterprise. Cost. Storage issues. Bandwidth constraints. Complexity of implementation. Resource sharing. User experience. Hosted Desktop Infrastructure — or HDI — can be a perfect complement to the organization looking for the benefits associated with IT — without suffering the reality that many Administrators face. Based on the CS100 Moonshot platform from HP, with the M700 cartridges utilizing Opteron X Series processors from AMD, HDI strikes that balance. Visit the AMD Server breakout to learn more about HDI — benefits, deployment tips and how it can complement your existing VDI environment.

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