10 tips to help you launch and test your news app effectively

This is part of our three part video series which includes actionable tips and can learn best practices for developing, launching and monetising a high quality News app. Other videos include 10 tips on how to design and develop your News app and 10 tips to engage your readers and monetize your News app.

0:16 – Test on real devices and identify early issues
1:00 – Run alpha and beta tests
1:36 – Release your updates in stages
2:03 – Reply to reviews
2:47 – Monitor your crash reports
3:08 – Run experiments on your store listing
3:35 – Drive “over-the-air” installs from your site
3:59 – Link users straight into your native app with App Links
4:31 – Optimise for word-of-mouth growth with Firebase Invites
5:00 – Get your app in Google Search

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