Absolute Application Persistence: Protect Your Critical Security Apps

As an IT security professional, your endpoint defences rely on maintaining layers of applications. But what happens when these are compromised?

Will it be noticed before a breach occurs? Will it result in another lost endpoint? Or will it require yet another call to the helpdesk?

Only Absolute can provide self-healing remediation for every application, across all of your devices. But what does that really mean?

It means that a broken VPN application can repair itself–without a call to the helpdesk.

That your encryption measures are always present and can’t be removed.

That your endpoint protection controls are always in place, and always working.

“Self-healing” means that no matter the application, and no matter the threat, you are always protected, through the unstoppable power of Persistence.

With Absolute, you’ll receive alerts to prevent incidents. You can query any device to understand security posture in an instant. Execute a command on an entire population of devices to eliminate vulnerabilities. And tap into contextual insights to fill in SIEM gaps and reduce noise.

Our powerful customer query and remediation feature, Absolute Reach, automates the ability to identify and assess vulnerabilities and prioritize preventative actions.

All of which leaves your entire security posture more resilient, and your staff more efficient.

Find out how to protect your data, applications, and devices with the self-healing power of Absolute. Visit us now at absolute.com.

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