Achieve Continuous Improvement, Integration and Deployment with GitHub, Visual Studio and Azure!

Continuous Delivery makes it possible to continuously improve software in a safe and predictable way using short development cycles. With its Visual Studio integration and Azure support, GitHub fits right into the development workflow for Microsoft developers providing them with powerful collaboration options. This allows development and operations to act as one delivery team to automate and streamline the build, test and release process. In this practical session Daniel Figucio will walk you through a development workflow using Visual Studio, GitHub and Azure. We will look at how Visual Studio integrates with GitHub, how to collaborate with peers, run automated tests, do code review using GitHub Flow and Pull Requests and automatically deploy code changes to Azure once they are approved and merged. At the end of this session you will have an understanding of how GitHub can compliment your existing Microsoft toolset by adding world class collaboration features and enhancing automation capabilities. Daniel Figucio is the Director of Solutions Engineering, ASEAN and ANZ @ GitHub. He is passionate about software and enjoys helping people to understand the power and beauty of Git and GitHub.

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