An Introduction to PureApplication

Why let your infrastructure stand in the way of progress? Being ahead of the competition is what makes a business successful – but in a hybrid cloud world, this is easier said than done. In this video, Lucy Ashford talks about how you can overcome the barriers to faster application deployment in the cloud, through automation. To find out more, visit

In today’s world of hybrid cloud IT, deploying and managing applications is more complex than ever. To get an app up and running in the cloud requires a lot of legwork – from provisioning and configuration, right through to scaling and testing. That’s why this part of the deployment lifecycle swallows up cost and time.

But what if you could automate the entire process? With IBM PureApplication, pre-defined software “patterns” take care of cloud-enablement for you. Automation dramatically reduces the time taken to deploy an app – from months, to minutes. And doing so reduces cost by over 50%, by cutting out routine and manual tasks. To find out more, visit

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