Android Fireside Chat (Google I/O ’17)

This session was an open Q&A between the audience (including an audience queried before the event) and the Android platform team, which included engineers from the Android framework, runtime, media, graphics, and other teams. A problem with the microphones caused some of the initial questions from the audience to be inaudible in the recording. These questions are transcribed here, along with the times at which these questions were asked.

4:55 – For people that are starting with Android, do you recommend them to use Kotlin or Java?
6:57 – We’ve heard a lot at I/O about features like the new Assistant and similar that require turning on location history and search history and a lot of other data collections, what are the options or alternatives for people that want those capabilities that want to maintain their privacy and not report a ton of history?
8:15 – Could you tell what you’re doing at a high level [with Treble] to ensure that the implementation from some of the OEM partners don’t break, either intentionally or not, some of the things you’re going to do in bringing forth new versions of the OS?
13:31 – When you use your Android phone, what do you really hate and why haven’t you fixed it yet?
14:55 – Knowing what you know now, and especially with some of the changes in Android O, would you still implement the same four application interfaces, such as Activities, Service, and Intents, in a new operating system?
15:55 – My question is to do with the blocking of broadcast receivers declared in manifests in O. In a session this afternoon, Dan said that user choice is the essence of Android, so why won’t you let users whitelist apps?
21:19 – Like everyone else, I’m really excited to have the support and encouragement for application development in Kotlin. I’m wondering if that same encouragement will extend to Gradle Script Kotlin when it’s released, probably later in the year.
21:51 – For third party frameworks, are you going to need to add anything like a bridging header, as you do in Swift to Objective-C to support Java projects in Kotlin projects and the other way around? Are we going to need to add any bridging in an Android project to use a Java third-party framework?
22:36 – So Tim [Murray] showed us how to use Systrace to profile our apps and in Tor’s session today we saw CPU monitoring. I’d like to know how these compare and contrast, and what are the values of each?

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