Banking Information is at Risk of Theft on Mobile Devices. What Can be Done About It?

New forecasts show that the number of global mobile banking users will now overtake online users in 2018, two years earlier than previously anticipated. While today’s smartphones and tablets provide basic security, millions of devices with financial information and/or access to networks with consumers’ information make an appealing target for cyber thieves, creating challenges not fully addressed by traditional security methods.

Watch our webinar to learn:
1. Why banking apps on mobile devices are a primary target for attackers
2. The challenge of mobile security
3. The only right way to deliver mobile security for the financial industry

via Zimperium

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- Zimperium is the global leader in enterprise mobile threat defense and delivers enterprise-class protection for Android and iOS devices against the next generation of advanced mobile threats. The Zimperium Mobile Threat Defense System uses patented, behavior-based analytics in real-time to protect mobile devices against network- and host-based threats.

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