Batch Processing with Containers on AWS – June 2017 AWS Online Tech Talks – #AWS

Learning Objectives:
– Learn about the options for running batch workloads on AWS
– Learn how to architect a containerized batch processing service on Amazon ECS
– Learn best practices for optimizing and scaling complex batch workload requirements

Batch processing is useful when you need to periodically analyze large amounts of data, but configuring and scaling a cluster of virtual machines to process complex batch jobs can be difficult. Containers provide a great solution for running batch jobs by providing easily managed, scalable, and portable code environments.

In this tech talk, we’ll show you how to use containers on AWS for batch processing jobs that can scale quickly and cost-effectively. We’ll discuss AWS Batch, our fully managed batch-processing service, and show you how to architect your own batch processing service using the Amazon EC2 Container Service. We’ll also discuss best practices for ensuring efficient and opportunistic scheduling, fine-grained monitoring, compute resource auto-scaling, and security for your batch jobs.

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