Bootiful Microservices in a Legacy Environment: Lessons Learned — David Julia


Building Microservices in a green field environment is amazing! But the realities of some of our largest and oldest institutions is that there is a lot of value in existing legacy systems. When you’re building on top of legacy systems, there are many challenges that green field development does not even have to consider. Join me for a 30 minute session in which we look at some patterns that we have employed over the last 2 years of building Spring Boot based microservices in the context of legacy systems. I’ll speak to tried and true strategies for creating “strangler applications”, strategies for moving away from the database as an integration point, and how to start carving off bounded contexts for your new microservices. I’ll also speak to a handful of pit-falls to be avoided as you make the journey to a bootiful microservice landscape.

from Pivotal.

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