Build for Governance on AWS: Building Alignment While Retaining Autonomy

As businesses move an increasing number of workloads to the AWS Cloud, it is important that their environments are designed to take into account their unique governance needs.

AWS provides a wide range of features and services designed to work together to satisfy just about any governance requirement, but knowing how to combine theses services to create custom solutions for specific governance use cases requires AWS-specific expertise that many businesses do not have on hand.

In this webinar, Sriram Rajan, Fanatical Support for AWS Principal Architect, discusses why businesses need to consider governance requirements, and review the approaches and pitfalls of governance in the Cloud.

He also looks at several AWS tools used to meet governance requirements in the AWS Cloud, such as AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), AWS CloudFormation, and AWS Account and VPC Structure.

via Rackspace

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