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Cisco Operational Insights:

No matter what you measure or monitor, there’s an asset tag or sensor that does it for you: temperature, humidity, flow, acceleration, pressure—you name it. But those connected devices don’t necessarily connect with each other. So how can you get real business value from all that data? Cisco Operational Insights.

Join the gang at TechWiseTV and their guests, Darryl Sladden and Pushkar Sharma, to see how you can get the most out of your monitoring investment—even if your sensors are on a variety of networks and management interfaces.

Cisco Operational Insights is a vendor-agnostic platform that brings those sensors together to provide data-fueled insights for your operations. It centralizes data collection and management from multiple sensors and tags, adds context, and converts data into actionable information.

This video will show you how to:

• Digitize operational content for enterprise-wide visibility
• Synthesize data with context by applying real-time rules
• Optimize time and money by automating workflows to simplify operations

Big data has value only if you can turn it into actionable information. With Cisco Operational Insights, your data works together to create a big picture that shows you where and how to increase efficiency and streamline workflow.

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