Citrix XenApp Touch Enabled – Just add hopTo – HDX Whiteboard – iPad, Receiver

HDX+MAX=Great UX! Now combine Citrix HDX with a Mobile App eXpereince from hopTo. Watch this short whiteboard video to learn more.

hopTo Work enables IT to deliver mission critical business applications to modern mobile devices with a great user experience without the need to redevelop those apps. Deliver a rich mobile productivity experience to your end users quickly and securely. With hopTo Work, you can touch enable existing business applications running on Citrix XenApp® with MAX – Mobile App eXperience. Provide rich document viewing and editing, and powerful file management that keeps all your documents safe and secure. End users get access to powerful, fully functional business apps combines with the touch friendly interface and convenience of the latest tablet or smartphone. Deliver your end users a rich mobile productivity experience with the hopTo Work mobile workspace. hopTo Work leverages existing infrastructure, including existing Citrix XenApp®

hopTo Work combines the power of Windows® and Internet Explorer® apps with a full touch-enabled experience. hopTo Work delivers a complete Mobile App eXperience for existing apps to your mobile devices with the following features:

• MAXControl – Map app functions to touch buttons.
• MAXEdit – Touch-enabled text editing.
• MAXCam – Leverage local device camera to scan bar codes, QR codes, and
• photos.
• MAX-IE – Instantly mobilize and touch-enable Internet Explorer® based web applications, including applications that employ Java, Adobe Flash, or Silverlight technologies.
• Easily multitask and switch between apps without closing or minimizing.
• Secure, touch-friendly Office® document editing, on the internal network.

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About The Author
- Founded in its current form in 2012, hopTo Inc. is an innovator of a unique mobile productivity workspace application. hopTo delivers a mobile experience that changes the way you work and live — empowering you to fully embrace a mobile lifestyle – without any compromises or boundaries. Search, Access, Aggregate, Create, Edit and Share your content from your mobile device, efficiently and effectively, by leveraging the power of your own “personal cloud.” The company is based in Campbell, CA.

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