Cloud-Native Data: What is it? – Majors, Dunlap, O’Grady, Richardson, Drewitz

Ever looked for “data” in the Twelve Factor App manifesto? There is no guidance for how to architect the data layer. And yet, we know how tremendously important data is to an application and an organization.

Or what about the DevOps movement? We’ve broken down barriers between two households with an ancient grudge. But what about those neighbors across the street? You know, the DBAs, data engineers, and data scientists.

A new ecosystem of tools and platforms support cloud-native apps and devops. Libraries of guidance on cultural practices exist for agile and test-driven development. Manifestos and patterns for microservices. But where’s the data? The databases? The data practitioners?

We’ve got more questions than answers when it comes to “cloud-native data”. But, as a community, it’s imperative that we start to find answers. All apps, including cloud-native apps, need data.

This panel brings together perspectives from users (Timmy Richardson and Brian Dunlap), technologists (Charity Majors), and industry observers (Steve O’Grady). Moderated by Dormain Drewitz, this panel will debate whether data’s answer to cloud-native will mirror DevOps or not.

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Charity Majors, Co-Founder and CEO, Honeycomb
Brian Dunlap, Tech Lead, Southwest Airlines
James Governor​, Principal Analyst and Co-Founder, RedMonk
Filmed at SpringOne Platform 2017

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