Coding Apps in the Cloud to reduce costs up to 90% – September 2016 Webinar Series

Think differently when building apps in the cloud: heterogeneous environments, microservices, and disposable nodes are key components to building robust, deployment, and automated server management.

In this session, we will investigate patterns for engineering scalable stateless systems, indentifying anti-patterns to avoid, and show how you can save 90% on your overall compute costs. When engineered for cloud, you will never worry about the uptime of a node again.

We will dive into best practices and new features that will help you realize immediate cost savings, maximize compute capacity within your budget, and maintain application availability and performance with less up-front and ongoing development effort. Attendees leave with practical knowledge of Spot bidding strategies, Spot market price trends, instance selection, and fault-tolerant architectures for web services.

Learning Objectives:
• Learn more about EC2 Spot and how you can use it to save 90% off your EC2 bill
• Learn how to effective use Spot in production workloads by incorporating new Auto Scaling features
• Learn best practices on bidding and choosing Spot instances

Who Should Attend:
• Customers who are familiar with Amazon EC2, or customers who want to understand how they can use Spot to run applications in the cloud.

About The Author
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