Connected Communities, Innovative Technologies: OpenStack, oVirt, and KVM

Speakers: Mike Day & Jean Staten Healy (IBM)

With the continued adoption of OpenStack infrastructure, many open source projects face the challenge of integrating with OpenStack in order to remain relevant to customers. oVirt and the Open Virtualization Alliance (OV A) are two communities dedicated to the advancement of the open source KVM hypervisor. oVirt is an open-source management infrastructure for KVM, whereas the OVA is dedicated to driving

adoption of KVM in the marketplace. Together these efforts have increased the use of KVM by customers, and created a healthy ISV ecosystem around the open source technology.

The growth of KVM also presents some interesting opportunities for improving both OpenStack and oVirt. oVirt can provide rich services to Cinder, Glance, Quantum, and Nova. In this presentation we will discuss both the value and the technical implementation for each of these integration points, and the future of the oVirt project within the context of OpenStack. Additionally,we will discuss best practices in open source community development along with an overview of the business value of KVM on OpenStack.

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