Deep Dive on S3 Storage Management Covering New Feature Announcements – December 2016

Customers using Amazon S3 at large scale benefit greatly from storage management features. Storage lifecycle policies help them reduce storage costs. Cross-region replication makes it easier to copy data between AWS regions for compliance or disaster recovery. Event notifications allow automatic initiation of processes on objects as they arrive, or capture information about objects and log it for security purposes. In this session, you’ll learn about these features, and we’ll also introduce several new storage management features like S3 Object Tagging, S3 Analytics Storage Class Analysis, S3 Inventory, S3 CloudWatch Metrics, and S3 CloudTrail integration that give users unmatched visibility into what data they are storing and how that data is being used. These new features make it simpler to analyze usage by users, apps, or organizations, to highlight anomalies, and to optimize business process workflows. They also help identify opportunities to reduce costs, improve performance, and archive infrequently used data. In addition, they can provide insight into who is accessing data stored in S3.

Learning Objectives:
• Understand the portfolio of storage management features available in S3
• Learn to manage cloud storage based upon what the data is (instead of where it’s stored) using S3 Object Tagging
• Understand the benefits of using S3 Inventory over the LIST API
• Examine how S3 Analytics Storage Class Analysis helps to build lifecycle policies to optimize storage consumption
• Learn about how new S3 integration with AWS CloudWatch and AWS CloudTrail help enhance performance and security

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