Developing Native iOS, Android, And Windows Apps In C# With Xamarin And Visual Studio 2015

James Montemagno walks you through how the Xamarin Platform enables developers to leverage their C# and .NET skills to create native mobile apps for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. With Xamarin, you use the same language, APIs, and data structures on every platform to build a single, shared C# codebase across all targets. Use your favorite IDE, Visual Studio, to build, design, debug, and deploy your iOS and Android applications. Xamarin features deep integration into Visual Studio 2015 with full iOS and Android designers for you to build your native user interfaces. Additionally, take advantage of existing libraries available on NuGet and the Xamarin component store to accelerate your mobile app development. Developing cross platform mobile apps requires a platform that will enable you to deliver true native mobile applications that look and feel as your end users expect. Take a tour of the Xamarin Platform and how to create your very first iOS and Android applications developed completely in C# from inside of Visual Studio. Learn how to build native user interfaces with Xamarin iOS and Android designers built into Visual Studio. Discover how to leverage Portable ClassLibraries and Shared Code projects for maximum code reuse between all platforms. Visit to get started today.

To find out more information about cross device development with Visual Studio, check out thiswhitepaper on building mobile apps with Microsoft tools and resources, leveraging the Azure platform.

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