DIY Timelapse videos| Hardware hacks to take better video | Kingston indieHACK Ep. 7

This episode will teach you how to shoot timelapse videos. You’ll learn all the settings you’ll need to know, including shutter speed, ISO and aperture, to shoot everything from scenic sunrises to the night sky of the desert. To give your timelapse some extra movement, we show you how to create a $10 pan/tilt hack for your GoPro or smartphone. Finally, we’ll show you how to create unique hyperlapse videos using your camera or smartphone for some cool results.

Clear sky chart:

Hardware list for each of the tips & hacks:

Timelapse basics
• DSLR Camera
• Fast lens (16-88mm for better landscape shots)
• Intervalometer
• Camera mount or tripod
• ND filter

Tilt/Pan Hack items:
• (2) Egg timers from Ikea (
• GoPro or iPhone
• “L” shaped metal bracket
• Gorilla Glue or extreme mounting tape

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