Docker, DevOps and Cloud Storage on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

80% of enterprises are now adopting DevOps, and 27% are using Docker. Running your Docker apps on Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a match made in heaven for DevOps. But what is the best way to provide persistent storage across Docker containers, EC2 instances, S3/EBS storage or AWS regions?

In this webinar and demo, we covered:

1. Cloud Storage Strategies: From simple to highly-available architectures
2. Cloud Storage Obstacles: Common obstacles for cloud storage deployments and how to overcome them
3. Docker Persistent Storage on AWS: DEMO! Setting up an HA Cloud NAS on AWS for Docker with CIFS, NFS and iSCSI shared storage across containers
4. Best Practices for Cloud Storage with Docker: Tips and tricks from the SoftNAS team on how DevOps teams can deploy Docker for cloud storage

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