Enterprise Mobile Threat Defense Platform Zimperium 5.0

Zimperium has released Zimperium 5.0, the latest version of its new enterprise mobile threat defense platform. The new capabilities enable customers to detect and prevent more threats with the least amount of organizational friction.

Watch our recorded webinar to see a demo of these new capabilities and learn how Zimperium 5.0 can protect your enterprise from mobile threats.

In the webinar, you will learn about Zimperium 5.0’s:
1. Revolutionary on-device, machine learning-based protection for both devices and mobile apps.
2. Cloud-based management and reporting capabilities, including detailed privacy and security risk profiles for all the apps on your devices.
3. Enhanced capabilities including multi-EMM support, anti-phishing protection and advanced detection and remediation techniques.

via Zimperium

About The Author
- Zimperium is the global leader in enterprise mobile threat defense and delivers enterprise-class protection for Android and iOS devices against the next generation of advanced mobile threats. The Zimperium Mobile Threat Defense System uses patented, behavior-based analytics in real-time to protect mobile devices against network- and host-based threats.

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