Everything you need to know about Goverlan Remote Control

Remote control has become an essential tool for managing IT infrastructure. Goverlan Remote Control is a full-featured desktop, users, and server support solution.

Watch this recorded webinar for an in-depth look at JUST Remote Control.

During this demo we will discuss:
• Connection protocols
• Customizing the user experience with agent settings
• Templates, layouts, and favorites
• Shadow Citrix and RDP sessions
• Stealth mode and recording remote sessions
• Auditing the admins
• Active Directory integration and fastConnect
• The Goverlan Central Server
• Using Remote Control in a workgroup

Watch this webinar and get more out of Goverlan Remote Control, whether you are using Free Remote Control or Premium!

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- Goverlan enables IT support to globally and dynamically control, manage, and support desktop and server infrastructure in real-time, without user interruption. This means IT desktop support engineers and system administrators can get to the root of the problems quickly and resolve client issues more efficiently. Chosen by IT professional worldwide, Goverlan is renowned for its ease-of-use and extensive feature set.

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