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Multicloud environments are becoming the standard, and businesses are seeing the increased need for on-premises solutions that can rapidly deploy applications and seamlessly interface with the cloud, while still being simple to deploy and manage. The new HyperFlex 3.0: Platform for Multicloud provides an adaptive environment to meet these needs. It’s easy to manage and, with new multicloud services, it enables any application tier to be deployed, monitored and managed anywhere. With a simplified platform approach, HyperFlex is engineered to power all your workloads from anywhere with the flexible scaling, performance and security you need to run your mission-critical applications.

Join our guest experts Kaustubh Das, Jonathan Gorlin, Jeremy Foster, Frank Gilman, Don Schroeder, and Lewis Brisbois as we discuss the new features coming with the 3.0 HyperFlex Data Platform innovations including:
* Stretch clusters
* 64-node scale
* Logical availability zones
* Hyper-V support
* HyperFlex container support

* Introducing HyperFlex 3.0: Platform for Multicloud
* Dive into the new features
* HyperFlex container support

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