From insight to action: Predictive and prescripitive analytics

Thriving in today’s complex and ever-changing environment means companies need to gain rapid insights and translate those insights into actions. View this webinar to discover why predictive analytics has become an imperative for organizations as they strive to incorporate data-driven decision making into their processes by understanding potential future outcomes.

Prescriptive analytics can then be applied to help determine the best solution or outcome among all the various choices, given the known parameters. When combined with predictive analytics, prescriptive analytics can suggest decision options for how to take advantage of future opportunities or mitigate future risks—and answering the eternal question: What should we do about this? Take a look at this webinar to learn how IBM SPSS Modeler helps you uncover patterns and trends in your data and how IBM CPLEX Optimization Studio can be leveraged to incorporate those insights into optimal decisions. Learn more about predictive analytics:

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