GigaTALK Talks Technical GigaVUE-HD4

James Bettencourt discusses the GigaVUE-HD4 Traffic Visibility Node addresses the need for a smaller foot-print in faster speed networks with a 512G backplane of inter-blade throughput without dropping packets. Without the GigaVUE-HD4 device, visibility and data access in higher speed networks, such as Telco 4G LTE, Financial, and High Frequency Trading deployments, would be virtually impossible to secure and maintain. Its cutting-edge architecture makes these critical capabilities possible in today’s 1G and 10G network environments. With the GigaVUE® award winning ability to filter, aggregate, and replicate traffic, GigaVUE-HD4 Traffic Visibility Nodes will future-proof data centers by enabling the creation of a comprehensive Visibility Fabric.

via Gigamon

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- Gigamon provides an intelligent Visibility Fabric™ architecture for enterprises, data centers and service providers around the globe. Gigamon’s technology empowers infrastructure architects, managers and operators with pervasive and dynamic intelligent visibility of traffic across both physical and virtual environments. Gigamon solutions are deployed globally across vertical markets including over half of the Fortune 100 and many government and federal agencies.

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