Hacking the Wetware: Compromising Companies with Social Engineering – Duo Tech Talk

Social Engineering (SE) is one of the most severe threats to security and privacy because anyone can do it – even a noob. This talk outlines real-world SE examples, and seemingly innocuous information that could compromise a company. Learn the methods SEs use to mine data and exploit behavior to own targets, and how women are uniquely skilled as SEs – from a 2016 DEFCON SE Capture the Flag winner.

NOTE: Please bring a phone, tablet, or laptop if you’d like to participate in the interactive portion of this talk.

Rachel is the CEO & Co-founder of SocialProof Security where she helps people and companies keep their data safe by training them on social engineering risks. Rachel also placed second two years in a row in the DEF CON hacking conference’s Social Engineering Capture the Flag contest. In her remaining spare time, Rachel works as the Chair of the Board for the nonprofit Women in Security and Privacy (WISP) where she empowers women to lead the converging fields. After she gets to inbox zero, she watches David Lynch movies with her husband named Evan and pup named Snugs.

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