Healthcare Printing – UniPrint Infinity Helps Give Time Back To Care Givers

( St. Joseph Health (SJH) provides a continuum of care in Northern and Southern California, West Texas and Eastern New Mexico. It employs over 24,000 professionals and has $5 billion in annual revenue. SJH was rolling out Meditech with Citrix and encountered printer mapping and driver issues. Project was stalled.

After understanding how Meditech works, UniPrint created a Smart Print module to solve the printer mapping issues within 2 weeks. The ER doctors and nurses were ecstatic and the rest is history.

Net Results:
David Baker, VP of IT at St Joe said, “UniPrint gave time back to our healthcare professionals.”
The Chief Medical Information Officer claimed on the record that UniPrint saved 75% of help desk calls.

via UniPrint

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- is the recognized leader in printing virtualization. The newest solution in’s patented, award-winning product line, UniPrint Infinity is the industry’s first truly secure enterprise-wide solution for any computing environment. Enabling anywhere, anytime, any device secure pull printing, UniPrint Infinity comes with a proven ROI through its statistics module, print document archiving functionality and secure mobile printing modules, and high availability with load balancing. UniPrint Infinity replaces all manufacturer printer drivers with a single PDF generator to promote faster, more efficient printing, helping organizations to improve both productivity and return on investments.

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