How To Protect Billions In Mobile Banking Fraud

Mobile banking and trading are the new killer apps. Firms compete to make their mobile user experience a more cost-efficient and user-friendly version of every account interaction traditionally conducted in a physical branch or on a personal computer.

Financial service firms are ultimately responsible for protecting customers from account fraud and theft incurred via their mobile app. Smart firms capitalize on technology that shows the real-time posture of devices when transactions are occurring. One bank now has visibility to prevent billions of potential fraud in exposed accounts.

In this on-demand webinar, we cover:
– Security threats facing mobile banking and financial services apps.
– The best way for organizations to protect apps and their sessions.
– Real world example of what one bank experienced in the first 30 days after deploying protection in their mobile banking app (Hint: Hundreds of thousands of threats, and visibility to prevent fraud in exposed accounts, protecting over a billion dollars for customers).

via Zimperium

About The Author
- Zimperium is the global leader in enterprise mobile threat defense and delivers enterprise-class protection for Android and iOS devices against the next generation of advanced mobile threats. The Zimperium Mobile Threat Defense System uses patented, behavior-based analytics in real-time to protect mobile devices against network- and host-based threats.

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