How to quickly locate PII Data in your test environments using CA Test Data Manager

Are you concerned about PII data leaking out of your production environment? You should be.
The new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) legislation which is due to become law in May 2018 and places strict rules on the way any company in the world (who maintains personal data on any EU citizen) manages this data. Many companies are not clear on where personal (PII) data is stored across their multitude of systems, and whether they are at risk of inadvertently breaching the GDPR legislation when production data is copied to lower tier environments for testing.
The penalties for non-compliance are severe – a first offence is $10M or 2% of a company’s annual revenue – not to mention the massive damage to brand image and reputation…
In this quick demo, Keith Puzey, TDM Advocate at CA Technologies, shows how the new PII Data Discovery and Profiling capabilities in CA Test Data Manager (TDM) 4.4 help speed and simplify the identification and triage of PII data in your RDBMS databases. In addition to explaining the fundamentals, Keith outlines how users can integrate their own classifiers, create PII risk reports and distribute them for subject matter expert sign-off.

How to use CA TDM Data Discovery and Profiling:
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