Introduction to iCAM: Overview and Benefits – #Cisco

iCAM (Intelligent CAM analytics and machine-learning) is Cisco’s breakthrough innovation that provides traffic analytics, per-feature hardware usage, recommendations and more, natively on the switch/router.
You can:
– Get visibility about traffic patterns.
– Get info about which subnets and L4 ports are hitting top x % of the traffic
– Get deep analysis of how their hardware is being used. How much of each hardware table is being used by each feature.
– Get recommendation from the network equipment. Eg, if they have reached some high watermarks and are at risk due to scale. Or recommendation to make a configuration change to allow for higher scale or make other tradeoffs.
– Automatically eliminate redundant configurations. Eg, ACL entries that have not been hit in 2 years, but are hogging the precious TCAM space.

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