It’s Not You, it’s Us: Winning Over People and Yourself for the Team – Neha Batra


The best teams are the ones with a diverse ways of working, diverse opinions, and diverse backgrounds. BUT with great diversity comes great responsibility — what do you do when someone rubs you the wrong way or when people don’t quite get along?

The problem is simple: not getting along, and the solution is simple, too: getting along. What’s not so easy is the magic in between. At pivotal labs, we pair with clients and have little influence over who shows up at our door from our client. Moreover, we work closely together on teams; we pair with each other 1 on 1 for the full day and switch pairs daily. With little room for conflict, we need a really good bag of tricks if we want to have a successful project and career.

Instead of focusing on whether you will like everyone, let’s talk about how to make the overall experience better. From understanding yourself and modifying your own behaviors to understanding others and modifying theirs, there’s a lot to try.

SpringOne Platform 2016
Speaker: Neha Batra; Software Engineer, Pivotal.

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