Micron: Seamless Prediction at the Edge Using TensorFlow on FPGAs

IoT is exploding, with 50 billion sensors predicted by 2020. These sensors create daunting data streams. To businesses, though, the real value comes from learning what patterns lye hidden in these streams. At the edge, power constraints suggest using technologies like FPGAs. However, they have been notoriously difficult to program—until now. Come hear how Micron can deploy deep-learning models created with Tensorflow—with no code change—on power-efficient Micron FPGA systems.

via Micron Technology

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- Micron is a global leader in advanced semiconductor systems, with more than 35 years of memory expertise. Micron’s broad portfolio of high-performance DRAM, NAND Flash, NOR Flash, SSDs, modules, MCPs, and other system solutions enable the world’s most innovative computing, consumer, enterprise storage, networking, mobile, embedded and automotive applications.

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