Nutanix InstantOn for Citrix Cloud – Podcast Episode 307


In episode 307, Douglas Brown interviews Upasna Gupta at Nutanix and Chris Edwards from Citrix. Upasna, Chris and Douglas discuss the Nutanix InstantOn for Citrix Cloud solution. Upasna and Chris  explains how it works, its benefits, what makes it stand out over the competition, and much more.

About Nutanix

Nutanix is a global leader in cloud software and hyperconverged infrastructure solutions, making infrastructure invisible so that IT can focus on the applications and services that power their business. Companies around the world use Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS software to bring one-click application management and mobility across public, private and distributed edge clouds so they can run any application at any scale with a dramatically lower total cost of ownership. The result is organizations that can rapidly deliver a high-performance IT environment on demand, giving application owners a true cloud-like experience.

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About Upasna Gupta

Upasna Gupta is an innovative product and solution marketing manager with over 8 years of experience in managing various aspects of clouds solution ranging from product development & management to marketing and brand development.

Upasna Gupta has spent the last six years developing her skills for bringing cloud based solutions to market as a product manager and more recently as a product marketing manager. At Nutanix, she drives key business metrics like pipeline and bookings through targeted content and creative campaigns. She believes that understanding your buyer and user personas in depth helps you be a successful product marketing manager.

Prior to Nutanix, Upasna immensely enjoyed being a product manager at companies like EMC and Redseal where she learnt that it takes a village to take a product to market. A good product cannot succeed without a customer centric approach to different cross-functions such as Marketing, Customer Support, Professional Services and even Sales Enablement. Upasna had a great time collaborating not only with these different teams but also with her customers who have always been at the forefront of my product strategy.

About Citrix Ready

Citrix Ready identifies recommended solutions that are trusted to enhance the Citrix Delivery Center infrastructure. All products featured in Citrix Ready have completed verification testing, thereby providing confidence in joint solution compatibility. Leveraging its industry leading alliances and partner ecosystem, Citrix Ready showcases select trusted solutions designed to meet a variety of business needs. Through the online catalog and Citrix Ready branding program, you can easily find and build a trusted infrastructure. Citrix Ready not only demonstrates current mutual product compatibility, but through continued industry relationships also ensures future interoperability.

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About Chris Edwards

Chris Edwards has been with Citrix for six years, recently making a career change from IT to product marketing, where he advocates for Citrix products and runs product launches for XenApp, XenDesktop, and XenServer. He has more than 12 years of IT experience, across IT consulting, enterprise IT and cloud hosting. Chris has a bachelor’s degree in technology management and earned an MBA from the University of Florida. Follow him on Twitter: @YodaByte1

About Douglas A. Brown

Douglas Brown is the Founder and President of DABCC, Inc. Doug has more than 20 years of experience in virtualization, cloud, and server-based computing technologies and markets. DABCC is the first and most visited website dedicated to all elements of virtualization and features news and resources.

Prior to DABCC, Doug worked at Citrix Systems, Inc. as a Senior Systems Engineer from 2001 to 2004 where he developed the leading Citrix deployment system, “Methodology in a Box”, which has more than a million users. Additionally, his peers and management at Citrix named Doug Systems Engineer of the Year in 2002. From 2005 to 2016, Doug was awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) by Microsoft Corporation for his contributions to the industry. He has also been acknowledged with the Citrix Technology Professional (CTP) and VMware vEXPERT awards for his continued support in the IT community. Doug speaks at leading industry events and has been a prolific author over the past 20 years.

Mr. Brown was awarded a US Patent relating to “social content management”, US#8903912.

Mr. Brown is also the host of the #1 rated virtualization and cloud podcast show, DABCC Radio.

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