On the Next SolarWinds Lab: Lab turns 50!

RSVP for Lab #50 and watch other episodes at https://thwack.solarwinds.com/community/labs_tht/solarwinds-lab.

You’ve helped us reach an unbelievable milestone for a technical web series: SolarWinds Lab 50th episode. On Wednesday, January 18th at 1pm CST we’re celebrating with a backstage view into the making of Lab. If you’ve wondered how IT engineers are cajoled into going on camera, this is the episode for you. And we’re also giving away SolarWinds Lab coats live.

Go behind the scenes with a documentary crew to see how we get ornery beta software ready for close-ups, meet the amazing team behind the camera, learn Geek tricks to combat nerves, roll classic outtakes, and have a little fun. We’ll also be answering a few chat questions from previous episodes. And, as always, we’ll be chatting with you live during the event. Set a reminder for this very special episode.

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