Outside the Box EP2: BORN READY WITH NVMe

1:12 What is NVMe?
1:41 NVMe Light Board demo
6:33 The Transition to NVMe with Howard Marks of Deepstorage.net
10:32 Founder’s follow up with Coz
12:45 Born ready for NVMe
16:58 Cody and Janie
17:20 Video chat with Brian Boos of Paylocity
20:30 The Summary

Break free of bottlenecks. NVMe promises to blast through the “serial” SAS/SATA bottlenecks and unlock the next-generation of performance and density gains. Episode 2 takes you inside Pure labs for an exclusive peek at the one-of-a-kind FlashArray//M and where experts break down NVMe for the uninitiated. Pure founder John “Coz” Colgrove gives the back story of the company’s visionary response to the rise of NVMe and special guest, Howard Marks of DeepStorage.net lays out his prediction of the fast-approaching tipping point when NVMe becomes the new normal. Also in Episode 2, we unveil how customers, with a spotlight on Paylocity, will be able to benefit from NVMe.

via Pure Storage

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