PC Build – Common Mistakes to Avoid – DIY in 5 Ep 77

If you are going to build your own PC here are some mistakes to avoid.

Pick the Right Parts
Before you even start your build, you’ll have to buy the right parts. There are so many common pitfalls that can sink your build even at this very early planning stage. Even though there are some amazing PC build planning sites like https://pcpartpicker.com it’s still remarkably easy to pick incompatible parts. Make sure you do your research. Another issue is power supply capacity. Make sure your power supply has enough wattage for the components you plan on using. Before you purchase components, find a reliable supplier — if you spend $200 on a no-name part that doesn’t work from a sketchy source, there’s no way to return your parts or even get a refund. Caveat emptor! Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Liquid cooling looks and sounds super awesome, but it is not for beginners.

When it’s time to start the build, you should ground yourself with an ESD strap. You don’t want to short out hundreds of dollars’ worth of PC just because you didn’t think you needed to wear one. Pay attention to your screws. If they fall into the case, make sure you find them and get them out or else they might cause a short. And don’t screw them in too hard! If you over-tighten you may strip your screws and risk damaging your components. Before you install anything, do a test fit to make sure everything will fit in the case. Don’t be too eager to get everything in there. It will also make your life infinitely easier to install the CPU, heatsink, and RAM outside the case and then put the whole unit inside.

Don’t Clean Up Until You Can Boot Up
Now I love a clean, sleek-looking build more than anyone, but don’t be too eager to clean up your cables. If you wait until after you’ve performed a successful boot to organize, then you’ll avoid the frustration of having to disconnect, reconnect, reroute, and organize the cables again. Having to undo all your cable management to troubleshoot a build is the worst.

What are the biggest pitfalls you’ve encountered when building your own rig? Please share any pointers or mishaps in the comments below.

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