Proactive Logon Monitoring for Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop using eG Enterprise

Slow logons are most common complaint of Citrix users. When users are not able to log on to their sessions quickly and seamlessly, it leads to frustration and lower productivity. eG Enterprise Logon Simulator for Citrix XenApp & XenDesktop is an easy-to-use synthetic logon monitoring tool that simulates Citrix user logon scenarios for proactive testing and troubleshooting. It allows you to easily detect and solve logon issue before real users are impacted, reducing calls to the helpdesk and improving business outcomes.

Key highlights:

Proactively monitor logon performance by simulating and testing XenApp and XenDesktop logon sessions from various locations

Identify why logon is slow and which step in the logon process takes more processing time: is it authentication, enumeration, HDX session establishment, application launch?

Test and ensure that the entire Citrix delivery infrastructure (XenApp, XenDesktop, NetScaler, StoreFront, PVS, License Server, AD, etc.) is working as expected to support user logon

Leverage the deep Citrix monitoring capabilities of eG Enterprise to identify real user logon issues in real time and provide speedy resolution

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