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As your business grows, so too does your need to scale and manage your IT resources. With QCT’s VMware solutions, you can effortlessly automate your enterprise and business workloads, from virtualizing the workspace for your expanding workforce and IT needs, to building and running a private cloud.

Tackle the most intense VDI workloads while minimizing delay with the robust, high performance QxVDI VMware Edition – OA, a 3U 9-node appliance with 2 embedded switches. Each node an independent microserver, with 3 nodes for every 1U space, the appliance leverages software-defined storage from VMware Virtual SAN to deliver ultra-dense power uninterrupted by points of failure. Powered by VMware Horizon 7, it has the capability to support up to 180 users, offering an optimal solution with high availability for VDI implementation.

Another solution for VDI, the QxVDI VMware Edition–HC, is a 2U 4-node server designed as a scalable building block for compute-intensive applications, virtualized through VMware’s vSphere software suite, which includes the vCenter Server management application and Virtual SAN software-defined storage. Combined hardware resources are integrated with an industry-leading software stack by VMware Horizon 7 virtual desktop infrastructure, to deliver a modular, stackable, expandable all-in-one appliance.

For customers seeking a simpler option for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), the QxStack VMware Edition–HC is an appliance that allows you to simplify and automate IaaS environment scale-out and scale-up. QCT Auto Deployment Manager works in conjunction with the VMware vSphere to deploy and provision IaaS environments, so that increasing computer or storage is as easy as powering up a new appliance and adding it to a vSphere cluster.

Effortlessly build, operate and scale a software-defined data center cloud with the VMware Cloud Foundation, without all the pains surrounding setup, provisioning and ongoing lifecycle management of typical data centers. Hardware Management Service – or HMS – software auto-discovers new hardware capacity, configurations and validations, adding to and adjusting the existing resource pool. Total resources across all physical hardware are then aggregated into a single virtual rack by the VMware SDDC Manager, allowing the operator to easily carve out workload domains for various tasks. With additional automated, consolidated lifecycle management for hardware and software, your datacenter operations can run endlessly without a hitch.

Automate YOUR business today with QCT’s VMware solutions. Learn more at QCT.io.

QCT is a global provider of data center products, including servers, storage and networking equipment as well as configuration and support services. The company targets midsize and large enterprise data center customers, service providers and governments who want the engineering excellence of a global manufacturer of integrated data center solutions, but do not require the scale and resources of a full-service original design manufacturer.

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