QTec Lab: The Telco Central Office 2.0

This is a defining moment for the mobile industry. As the world enters the 5G era, mobile networks are moving away from legacy network architectures of 4G towards dynamic web-scale capabilities, in response to the mounting demands of the highly competitive service market.

An important gateway between end users and the telco core network, the central office plays an increasingly critical role. Studies show that 97% of operators will deploy VNFs in a central office. The traditional central office based on purpose-built, specs-locked hardware must evolve to keep up with exponentially climbing network traffic.

QCT’s Central Office 2.0 is the next generation answer to the telco cloud’s needs: for a commodity-based, cloud-ready central office that enables web-scaled orchestrations and agile deployment of new end-to-end services. QCT’s robust, optimized hardware and NFV infrastructure enables the streamlined integration of industry-driving software, in a reliable, cost-efficient environment, to meet the needs of communication service providers.

Within this software-defined, open ecosystem, we can collaborate with technology partners and communities to accelerate the development of end-to-end solutions that serve telco service providers, developers, and operators alike. Together, we can explore new possibilities in 5G mobile edge computing, like IOT, data analytics, autonomous driving, and other low-latency mission critical applications. QCT Central Office 2.0, the gateway to the future of mobile.

Learn more about the Central Office 2.0 here: http://go.qct.io/qct-central-office-v2/

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