Reducing & Measuring IOPS in VDI – BriForum 2012 Chicago

From BriForum 2012 Chicago

Presented by Michael Thomason

You probably never really thought of IOPS when your users were running on a physical desktop, but once applications are delivered centrally, IOPS is something you need to be familiar with. In computing terms, IOPS equals money, so reducing helps the bottom line. In this session, Michael Thomason discusses ways to reduce processing and IOPS inside of a VDI environment. Attendees will learn how Windows internally processes storage IOPS, as well as how to optimize IOPS for SAN environments and configure images to reduce the load on the backend. Attendees will receive an update on various storage technologies on the market and how each can GREATLY change the user session experience. Curious about how SSD can affect your bottom line IOPS picture? Attend this session. Attendees will also learn how to monitor IOPS for various applications so predictable VDI images can be created. Not only will attendees walk away with best practices and techniques for improving CPU and memory usage in the data center, they’ll also have a better understanding of this topic as a whole. The session will conclude by highlighting the importance of antivirus engines and how they need to be configured to properly work and scale in a VDI environment.

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