Resizing a virtual disk in VMware Fusion – This video discusses and demonstrates the procedure for resizing a virtual disk in VMware Fusion. The process consists of two parts:

1. Resizing the virtual disk
2. Extending the size of the disk partition

Before increasing the size of the virtual disk, confirm that:

1. All snapshots have been removed
2. The virtual machine is powered off (and not just suspended).

After following the steps to increase the size of your virtual disk, the size of the disk partition does not increase inside the guest operating system. You must follow steps related to your specific operating system to increase the size of the disk partition(s) there.

Caution: VMware strongly recommends that you back up your virtual machine before increasing the size of virtual disks. For more information, see VMware Knowledge Base article 1013628 ( ).

In Fusion 4.x and 5.x, a Windows XP or newer virtual machine automatically re-sizes on first boot after increasing the disk size in the virtual machine settings.

In Fusion 3.x or older, to increase the size of the disk partition in Windows XP, use one of the third-party utilities listed in VMware Knowledge Base article 1004071 ( ).

Note: For best viewing results, ensure that the 720p HD quality is selected and view in fullscreen mode.

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