Should you keep your On-Premises NAS: Upgrade, Pay Maintenance or Public Cloud?

The maintenance bill is due for your on-premises SAN/NAS–or it just increased. It’s hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars just to keep your existing storage gear under maintenance. And you know you will need to purchase more storage capacity for this aged hardware.

Do you renew and commit another 3-5 years by paying the storage bill and further commit to a data center architecture? Do you make a forklift upgrade and buy new SAN/NAS gear or move to hyperconverged infrastructure? Do you move to the AWS cloud for greater flexibility and agility? Will you give up security and data protection?

In this webinar and demo, we covered:

1. Pros/Cons: on-premises SAN/NAS vs. hyperconverged infrastructure vs. AWS cloud storage
2. Demo: “Lift and shift” on-premises storage to AWS without re-architecting applications
3. How to fund a move to public cloud storage with existing budget
4. TCO analysis
5. Other public cloud use cases

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- SoftNAS, LLC is a leading storage software company that provides Simply Powerful agile storage software that protects mission-critical and business-critical data in the cloud. SoftNAS believes that storage can be both powerful and frictionless, providing customers with the enterprise-grade NAS storage capabilities required to safely and reliably operate mission-critical IT systems and applications in the cloud. SoftNAS supports the most popular cloud computing platforms, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and VMware.

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