Strengthen your GDPR compliance with Absolute

The European Union has transformed data security and compliance requirements for any organization handling EU resident data, and in today’s global workforce, chances are your company is impacted. 

The first step in ensuring you are compliant with GDPR legislation is simply knowing where your sensitive data is, a near possible task if you can’t see your endpoints. 

Absolute helps you address your GDPR compliance to monitor and secure EU resident data, prevent breaches and automate remediation.  

And now, Absolute provides automated sensitive data scans, identifying EU data on every endpoint, regardless of user or location. These scans can be on-demand or scheduled, all performed when devices are idle for minimal user impact. What’s more, data is even discovered when devices are off-network, outside the bounds of traditional tools. 

You can also apply data protection policies through direct integration with Microsoft Azure Information Protection. This prevents data from being accessed or exfiltrated, all without impacting user productivity. 

Have a unique customer identifier? Easily identify these files using custom lexicons. 

If you discover sensitive EU files that needs to be deleted, simply select the files and instantly remediate. Or take more pervasive action by remotely freezing the device in question. 

Unsure about the risk of a specific device? Submit a risk analysis request. Our team of compliance experts will provide a detailed report on the status with a series of recommendations.

Strengthen your GDPR compliance with Absolute.

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