Synology Webinar – FS3017 product introduction

During this webinar, we give you a technical tour of FlashStation FS3017 – Synology’s latest high-performance NAS.

Key highlights of the webinar include: hardware design, RAID F1, iSCSI over RDMA, NUMA (Non-Uniform Memory Access) support, Btrfs, disaster recovery, warranty.

The FS3017 comes with a 5-year global warranty, along with Synology Replacement Service.

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Q&A recap:
Q: Will RAID F1 also be available on the RS18016xs+?
A: RAID F1 will currently remain exclusive on Synology FS series. However we may evaluate expanding support to other series in the future.

Q: What is the expected price?
A: Pricing may vary depending on the region. The estimated MSRP is around $10,000 USD

Q: Is there (planned) some kind of the “Trade IN” Program – for older models of DiskStations (exchange the older appliances – for a better price of the FS3017) ?
A: Currently there are no plans for a “trade-in” program.

Q: Is some kind of FS planned which allows use of m.2 SSDs?
A: M.2 is mostly used in consumer devices. We are currently focused on delivering a more stable and price-competitive high-performance NAS

Q: Any plan for NVMe support?
A: NVMe support is not currently planned due to limited PCIe lanes

Q: Any new packages for the FS3017?
A: Some multimedia packages (Video Station, Audio Station) will not be available on the FS since the target audience is completely different.

Q: When will it be available?
A: FS3017 is available now.

Q: Can the FS3017 extended for more slots? If yes, is there an extension unit planned (e.g. FX3000)?
A: FS3017 will have its own expansion units to be announced soon.

Q: How many disks can fail?
A: RAID F1 is for 1 drive redundancy per volume. Additional volumes can be created in conjunction with drives setup as global hot spare.

Q: What is the min. and max. number of SSD FS3017 can support
A: There is no min/max but we recommend each volume to have at least 3 drives.

Q: FS3017 has a USB connector for direct connection to a separate UPS ?
A: Yes, there are two USB 3.0 ports on the rear.

Q: What’s the maximum single volume partition size under RAID F1?
A: This is dependent on SSD capacity. Maximum single volume size is 200TB when shipped. Our requirement is 32GB RAM for 200TB.

Q: Is there any support for network UPS?
A: Yes, support will be similar to our DS/RS series.

Q: How do you measure that an SSD is close to its end of life?
A: S.M.A.R.T. MWI is used to monitor SSD lifespan. We have been working with leading SSD vendors to ensure that the readout is working properly.

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