Systancia aux Microsoft Days : Complémentarité avec RDS. A l’occasion des Microsoft Days de Dijon, Systancia nous présente la nouvelle version de sa solution AppliDis Fusion 4. Solution de virtualisation de postes de travail et d’applications s’appuyant sur Microsoft Remote Desktop Services 2008.

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- rench software provider recognised in the application and desktop virtualisation market, AppliDis Fusion has experienced strong growth this last years, confirmed by the industry experts with the best VDI solution award 2014. With the acquisition of IPdiva, at the end of 2013, Systancia positions itself on the market with the first French solution that offers a highly secured access to any application, any job and any data from any place on any device. Systancia always strives to best meet the needs of their users, focusing on the technological value of its products and the proximity between its teams and client. Recently, the French Deposits and Consignments Fund (now known as BPI) added finance into Systancia’s capital with the already present A Plus, enabling accelerated conditions for its international development.

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