TCP Turn Timing vs. Real-Time L7 Analysis

Senior Systems Engineer Dan Greer explains how L7 transaction analysis provides important application performance metrics that are missed by application-aware network monitoring tools that use TCP turn timing.

Many other network monitoring tools measure application response time by monitoring specific named ports. This approach misses critical details or provides misleading estimations. The ExtraHop system performs full-stream reassembly to analyze transactions at Layer 7 of the OSI stack and extracts application-level metrics such as real server processing time and database errors that other monitoring tools do not provide.

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- ExtraHop provides the real-time operational intelligence required to make IT more agile and proactive. The world's best-run IT organizations use ExtraHop to manage more than a quarter-million devices and monitor over a trillion transactions daily. Without using invasive agents, the ExtraHop platform auto-discovers and auto-classifies all applications and systems out of the box, providing the correlated, real-time visibility essential for dynamic environments.

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