TeamQuest Vityl for Performance Analysts

Resolve problems faster and start planning proactively with Vityl Adviser

Doing your job as a performance analyst is always easier when you have plenty of time to plan ahead, but that can be nearly impossible when you spend most of your day responding to complaints about poor performance. Without the ability to quickly identify and understand service problems, performance analysts often struggle to meet SLAs, too bogged down with emails and phone calls to anticipate service delivery requirements.

That’s why TeamQuest developed Vityl Adviser, helping performance analysts and other IT professionals quickly and effectively deal with performance problems before they even occur. This short video is a primer on how Vityl Adviser can keep you two steps ahead of outages and slow response times, all while continuing to manage applications across multiple environments.

via TeamQuest

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- TeamQuest is the global leader in IT Service Optimization (ITSO), helping IT organizations consistently improve service levels while minimizing costs and mitigating risks. By analyzing IT performance data and business metrics, TeamQuest software and services enable IT organizations to provide accurate, objective information as input to critical business decisions.

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