TeamQuest Vityl for Service Managers

Optimize costs while preventing service problems with Vityl Adviser

As IT environments get more complex and companies must process more data every day, the life of a service manager isn’t getting easier. The time spent responding to current service issues takes away from the kind of planning necessary to prevent catastrophic outages. Service delivery risks must be balanced with over-provisioning resources, which wastes precious budget.

Vityl Adviser was built to address these problems by offering simple, at-a-glance views into the health and risk of your IT services. Because Adviser can evaluate hundreds of IT metrics across thousands of machines, it empowers service managers to perform their jobs at a pace and scale that would be impossible to do manually or even with traditional performance management tools. See how Adviser can make it easy to ensure efficient and effective service delivery in our short video.

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- TeamQuest is the global leader in IT Service Optimization (ITSO), helping IT organizations consistently improve service levels while minimizing costs and mitigating risks. By analyzing IT performance data and business metrics, TeamQuest software and services enable IT organizations to provide accurate, objective information as input to critical business decisions.

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