The Absolute Platform for Persistent Endpoint Visibility & Control

This is a typical endpoint. Loaded with data … and left in a café, on a conference table, or on the backseat of a taxi.

Users disable critical controls. Systems are rarely upgraded or patched. And your devices become vulnerable to data breaches and ransomware.

So why not manage your endpoints with a solution that goes where your users go — and the only one that automatically self-heals to withstand attacks.

The cloud-based Absolute platform eliminates blind spots with uncompromised visibility into all of your endpoints — from the moment they leave the factory, to the day they are decommissioned.

You can instantly audit all hardware and software attributes.

Know immediately when a device moves beyond a geofence.

Ensure leased devices are promptly returned.

And, if a device ends up in the wrong hands, freeze it, or wipe the data it contains. Then, engage with Absolute’s experienced investigations team to recover the device, ensuring data is always protected.

This is made possible by the power of Absolute Persistence; technology already embedded in the firmware of your devices. It lets you optimize device lifecycle management.

Maintain and prove compliance.

And cut operational costs through automation.

Find out how to protect your data, applications, and devices by lighting up your dark endpoints with Absolute. Visit us now at

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