The changing storage industry:How disruptive innovations in storage impact virtual desktop solutions

A new cycle of disruptive innovations in the storage industry is shaking up familiar architectures and technologies. This disruption promises to drive down costs, simplify storage and challenge the data center status quo.

Use cases such as VDI have unique infrastructure demands, driving high consolidation ratios and interactive latency requirements critical to end-user experience. Learn more about the next wave of technologies with a focus on EUC-related impact and use cases. Scott will discuss these innovations, their architecture and tradeoffs, while tying them into how each fits into the worlds of virtual desktops, application remoting and mobile.

via Infinio

About The Author
- Infinio is a leading provider of software-based storage acceleration that enables organizations to increase storage performance separately from storage capacity, reducing cost and complexity. An alternative to hardware solutions, Infinio creates a shared, deduplicated caching layer from small amounts of RAM in servers, improving performance by 10x with disruptive storage economics, no downtime and no changes to the existing environment.

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